August Moon

Four Main Characters



The leader of the team and is a Malaysian squirrel from Penang



Finlayson’s squirrel from Thailand that Shaari met on his first mission



Sunbird from Penang who has been with Shaari from the very beginning



Sunbird from Myanmar that joined the team part way through their first mission

Basis of the books

Whilst the books are meant to be fun and enjoyable, they also have a serious educational role. As the team travel to various places, all the details are correct along with their methods of travel. Even first names of animals are relevant to the country the animals live in. All the adventures also have a serious animal conservation message aimed at assisting animals that are under threat.


Description of Book one

“Shaari, I know you are a brave and clever young squirrel, and so I want to ask you if you would be prepared to carry out a dangerous but important mission for the sake of all squirrels?”

Follow Shaari, the Malaysian squirrel as he travels 6,500 miles across Asia and Europe to carry out the mission given to him from the big black squirrel from the Penang Spice Garden. Meet the animals that help him along the way and hear about the countries he travels through as he battles to complete his mission. Find out if he makes it and discover a surprise ending.


Description of Book two

Just then Bahari appeared out of the hole in the tree with no sign of any surprise. “Hello, and where do you want to go to this time?”

“When we were in Myanmar, a pangolin told us of the danger that his Malaysian relatives suffered from poachers, but we have no idea where to find them.”
Follow Shaari, the Malaysian squirrel to Taman Negara to save the pangolins from poachers. Discover all the other animals under threat and find out if they can defeat the poachers of Taman Negara.

Description of Book three

The team could hardly wait to hear Latif’s suggestion and they listened carefully to what he was saying before he decided to meditate again!

“I mean we should concentrate this time on the creatures of the water,” said Latif.

“But are they really threatened like the pangolins and the others we have helped?” asked Karnchana.

“They most certainly are,” replied Latif in an almost grumpy voice.

Join Shaari and his team as they tackle the danger to sea creatures around Penang as a non-swimming squirrel finds a way to talk to sea creatures.

Description of Book four

Bahari continued. 

“These are only some of the problems. Having got rid of the power of the poachers they have their freedom to build an even better forest. However, now we have a place where groups keep to themselves, where some groups want to control what others do, where some animals are thought not to be real animals of the forest and where even the macaques, lemurs and squirrels no longer play together. Surely a system like this can never really grow the forest and its creatures.”

About the Author

August Moon is the name that the author uses for his children’s books as distinct from his business books. He settled on it because the first book was originally written for his granddaughter who visited him in August and would go with him to look at the moon each night. It is why the moon figures so much in Shaari’s adventures.

It was only later that the author discovered the significance of the August Moon in Asian culture, and it was purely accidental that the first book was published in August 2021 at the time of the Moon Festival.

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